Ferrari wrought iron is an artisan company producing in the field of Furniture inside and outside of objects in wrought iron on the market since 1970.
The experience gained in over 40 years of work led to the creation of more and more innovative, original and competitive able to satisfy every request of their client.
Ferrari Furniture is a commercial reality parallel to Ferrari wrought iron, designed and organized to offer and propose a wide selection of furniture with a classic and modern design: rooms
bedrooms, kitchens, bathroom furniture, lighting, home accessories.


Among its customers Ferrari includes three figures: 
Retailers that require products in the catalog;
Architects and professionals who come to Ferrari to satisfy fully the demands of its customers (hotels, B & B, Farm ...)
Private that offers a complete service from design to installation

- realizations of beds and iron the customer's design;
- creation of custom furniture;
- supplies for hotels;
- design and free estimates;
- free inspections